1 “Human oriented management” as core for human resource management philosophy. Respect talent, mobilize the initiative and creativity of employees, and create harmonious employee relationship.Detail actions: provide birthday flowers and cakes, organize employees’ annual party, select and give reward to monthly excellent employees with value of 300 CNY, yearly excellent with reward value of 3,000 CNY, suggestions pioneers with reward value of 2,500 CNY, outstanding suggestions proposers with reward value of 2,500 CNY, paid free travel, yearly excellent staff, excellent managers etc, year-end welfare, employees children get offer from college or university will be awarded 1,000-3,000 CNY as premium, offer additional one month salary according to completion of the annual business targets.
      2 Accumulate talent by career. Career sense is one of the greatest sense of satisfaction and joy, which reflects the value of life. To build platform for technical talents to display, and take measures to make them devoted to their careers.There are bidding activity for technical problems investigations, new product development, and continuous improvement projects every year, and will finalize the projects and responsibles by company document. At least 800,000 CNY rewards will be offered to who made big contributions, to inspire and let them feel there are things to do with challenge, which gives big sense of satisfaction.In recent years, lots of company-level technical leaders and department-level technical leaders were cultivated, related allowance will be offered monthly.
      3 Keep talent by emotion. Human resource philosophy: "People are the most valuable resource." Teamwork as benchmark,

consider technicians as team members, establish mutual equality and cooperation relationship, take care of technicians’ life fairs. In recent years, overall cares will be given to all graduate students, undergraduate workers in terms of housing, wages, welfare, and living.The company will provide free apartment with all necessary facilities to the introduced talents before they get married.Related housing allowance and certain amount of interest-free down payment loans will be offered to who meet certain company rules when they buy a house after married.
      4 Benefits motivate talent. By equity incentive, the benefits of technicians and the company closely linked, then technicians willing to work here, which promote enterprise healthy and rapid development.
      5 Actively carry out training, technical exchanges and cooperation. To enrich talent by training, promote healthy development of enterprises. Continuously strengthen cooperation and exchanges with domestic universities, professional associations, and technical institutes, which improves technological development level. Irregular exchange with foreign peers, introduce retired foreign experts to provide periodical training to technicians, catch up with international industry trends, broaden technicians view and shorten the gap with foreign counterparts.

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